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Get the Lion’s Share this Leo Season

Navigate this new season like a pro, with the help of nature's best medicine

Leo Season with Equinoxx

What is Leo Season?

The days between July 23 and August 23 mark the celebration of Leo. This sign sparks a middle season, representing the sustaining of summer, a reliable and persistent vitality that energizes us through some of the hardest seasonal days of the year. Leo represents unapologetic self-expression, meaning we get to detach from the emotional tides of Cancer, find amusement in our own charisma, and selfishly walk the paths only we find intriguing. Yes, inner Leo, this is your moment, your stage, your audience.

We are now controlled by the whims of this fixed fire sign, and that typically means we’re all in for a good party! You, and only you, are the star of the show: no writer, director, or supporting role. Luckily, nature has the best medicine to enhance this experience. What better way to celebrate a season of ferocity than with a cannabis strain that allows you to walk over the burning coals of adventure, growth, and theatrics?

The Trademarks of a Leo Sun

Our fellow Leo Cannivores are ruled by the sun, notoriously the most regal and authoritative of the planets. They are known for their steadfast confidence—often misdiagnosed as a selfish conceitedness—which is exacerbated by an excitement for their internal motivations. Ignoring the criticisms of others, our Lions and Lionesses thrive in the face of unexpected opportunity, personal expansion, and high self-esteem.

Improvement, willfulness, fiery passion: these are the themes of the season, which we’ll keep in mind as we determine the greatest ways to medicate with cannabis until Virgo steps onto the scene next month.

Cannabis Strains for Leo Season

Because Leo thrives in a propellant energy, sativa strains are the only match for this season of expansion. Already in the mood to tear something down, ignite something new, or just FEEL yourself, sativa strains will help you focus and stay energized for a month full to the brim of wonder.

Yes, this is still a time for balance, and for that reason, we can’t dull its prowess with relaxation and comfort. This type of push-and-pull, a resistance against celestial energy, can result in a sort of tug-of-war mentality that only works to confuse the power you should be feeling and learning from. Though some seasons need bolstering (hey, Cancer), Leo is not one to stand by for help. You’re in its season or you’re not, and trust us, you WANT to indulge. Virgo is about to impart strict rules, and this is the end of summer, so eat it up while the energy is still here. You might not see this type of excitement for a while.

Leo takes rulership over the heart and spine, enlightening your core and supercharging your mental state. This is a good time to honor your roots with terpenes and cannabis strains that give an uplift or boost to your overall state of being. The popular terpenes Pinene and Carene are especially supportive here. Pinene is well-known for offering a sense of alertness (truly, THE “oomph” terp), while Carene is lauded as an anti-inflammatory nervous system depressant. Because our goal is to observe personal ritual and explore paths yet to be understood, we need to seek out what fuels us and bask in the inferno of our deepest desires. Reduce the anxiety, recognize your inner self, and set your doubts ablaze.

Rituals for Leo Season

Rituals for a Leo Season

Medicating isn’t solely reliant upon what you’re smoking; what you’re doing is equally important to healing, and each season brings unique challenges to work through. With our thick manes fully down and fluttering in the wind, we’re seeking comfort in ourselves this Leo season. Don’t shy away from this confidence, but rather, use it to reinforce the ideals and motives that drive your existence, your individual experience here in this plane. The next season will demand a lot in the way of responsibility and fortification for Autumn, so use this time to remember who you are, what you stand for, and what you want moving forward.

Here are some ideas for maintaining a successful Leo season:

  • Bask in sun rays and soak up what hot, hot, heat is left of the season (even in Oklahoma, you’ll be out prowling for the rejuvenating heat, Leo, once the 100° temps fall to frost in the upcoming months)

  • Try a concentrate! Diamonds are a Leo’s best friend when heavy-hitting, fast-acting medicine is the only medicine

  • Looking for a reprieve, inspiration, a spark? Let it all out in a smash room. Whether your fury is that of anger or of pure, unadulterated energy, a safe space to be reckless is always a welcome channel for your scorching flames

  • Seek out pinene to fuel your random adventures; its oxygenated embers only live to bolster that outward energy you’re on track to learn from this season

  • Wear your hair down; a lion is nothing without a glorious mane, and your prowess is as strong as the sun-bleached locks you show off to your opponents

  • Write, produce, direct, and star in your new independent film (remember, you’re the main—the only—star in this season)

More than anything, the best thing to do during Leo is LIVE. Check in with yourself, feel all of yourself, and don’t fight the self-conscious doubts that should be motivating and teaching you this season. Most of all, ride this momentum as long as possible, and remember YOU are the magic that provides a life full of curiosity and reckless abandon.

Stay up to date on the season's happening over on our Instagram, and stay tuned here on our blog for more ways to celebrate this Fire season! Take care, cosmonauts; I’ll see you for Virgo season.



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