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Reach New Highs this Libra Season

Free from the constructs of Virgo and flying higher than ever, nature's miracle plant is here to inspire you this Libra season.

What is Libra Season?

The days between September 23 and October 23 mark the celebration of Libra. This new season arrives the same day as the Fall Equinox (Mabon), and we soar into a new chapter of life. Representing the birth of autumn, Libra is a peaceful and playful energy that inspires us to embrace this uncharted territory. Master of contradiction, this is a time for balancing what’s been had with what’s to come.

Libra represents playful and artistic expression of the self, meaning we get to detach from the structured, perfectionist tendencies of Virgo and just be. This is a time to stop and observe, refrain from decision-making, and simply absorb the world around you. Yes, inner Libra, follow your curiosities, explore every angle, and find another use for the Virgo ties that bind.

We are now controlled by the indiscriminate winds of this cardinal air sign, and that typically means we’re in for some surprises! As luck would have it, nature offers the best medicine to compliment this experience. What better way to celebrate a season of discovery than with a cannabis strain that allows you to soar through the vast skies of connection, artistry, and symmetry?

The Trademarks of a Libra Sun

Our fellow Libra Cannivores are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, balance, and harmony. Known for their inability to make a decision and their acute eye for art and aesthetics, these Air Signs are the embodiment of dichotomy. They’re the muse and the artist, mediators without discernment, strategically spontaneous. An enigma from birth, Libras understand the world through 8-D glasses; they’re ultra-connected, but to everything.

Harmony, empathy, beauty: these are the themes of the season, which we’ll keep in mind as we determine the greatest ways to medicate with cannabis until Scorpio pushes onto the scene next month.

Cannabis Strains for Libra Season

Your inner Libra exudes its prowess most when given the opportunity to balance. Like solving a puzzle, the thrill is in finding how two seemingly unmatched ends meet. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that a hybrid strain is the best match for the season; something relaxing and stimulating, social and introspective, creative and motivating. An any place, any occasion strain with effects that fortify and fuel your position in the middle.

The Libra inside us all wants to be known for its charm and familiar effervescence, both of which can dull in the face of heavy indicas. Limited by the boundaries of five traditional senses, Libra can’t waste the opportunity to understand the world around them at its clearest. On the other hand, while sativas typically offer a sociable or productive energy, it can be easy for your inner Libra to fly too high, ultimately distracted by too many considerations. A season for mastering the balancing act, celebrate with a hybrid strain as beautiful as it is uplifting.

Rituals for a Libra Season

Medicating isn’t solely reliant upon what you’re smoking; what you’re doing is equally important to healing, and each season brings unique challenges to work through.

With the plates of our scale evenly weighted, our wings strong within the atmosphere, we’re seeking something new to explore this Libra season. Don’t shy away from this curiosity, but rather, use it to inspire what’s to come in Scorpio. The next season will demand a lot in the way of game-planning and decision-making, so use this time to discover who you are, what you want, and who you should receive your time and energy.

Here are some ideas for maintaining a successful Libra season:

  • Get inspired and reflect on different perspectives at an underground art event

  • Try a CBD joint! When even a hybrid is unnecessary to balance your energies, you can still explore a new plane with CBD. With heavy physical effects, your body can rest while your mind continues its seasonal journey.

  • Practice your balancing act at a yoga class, ropes course, or on a slackline!

  • Make a goal of checking in on a friend every day of the season. Your inner Libra thrives on social connections, and it’s a great time of year to catch people while they’re winding down for the year.

  • Avoid rash decisions, you might feel different later (like, tomorrow)! A season for seeing all of what’s new, save yourself the back-and-forth, and make those decisions in Scorpio.

More than anything, the best thing to do during Libra is BE. Check in with the people who make you feel more like yourself, feel all sides of your emotions, and welcome the lessons that have come onto the scene this Libra season. Most of all, let go of control, and see what grows.

Take care, cosmonauts; I’ll see you for Scorpio season.



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