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  • Reach New Highs this Libra Season

    Free from the constructs of Virgo and flying higher than ever, nature's miracle plant is here to inspire you this Libra season. What is Libra Season? The days between September 23 and October 23 mark the celebration of Libra. This new season arrives the same day as the Fall Equinox (Mabon), and we soar into a new chapter of life. Representing the birth of autumn, Libra is a peaceful and playful energy that inspires us to embrace this uncharted territory. Master of contradiction, this is a time for balancing what’s been had with what’s to come. Libra represents playful and artistic expression of the self, meaning we get to detach from the structured, perfectionist tendencies of Virgo and just be. This is a time to stop and observe, refrain from decision-making, and simply absorb the world around you. Yes, inner Libra, follow your curiosities, explore every angle, and find another use for the Virgo ties that bind. We are now controlled by the indiscriminate winds of this cardinal air sign, and that typically means we’re in for some surprises! As luck would have it, nature offers the best medicine to compliment this experience. What better way to celebrate a season of discovery than with a cannabis strain that allows you to soar through the vast skies of connection, artistry, and symmetry? The Trademarks of a Libra Sun Our fellow Libra Cannivores are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, balance, and harmony. Known for their inability to make a decision and their acute eye for art and aesthetics, these Air Signs are the embodiment of dichotomy. They’re the muse and the artist, mediators without discernment, strategically spontaneous. An enigma from birth, Libras understand the world through 8-D glasses; they’re ultra-connected, but to everything. Harmony, empathy, beauty: these are the themes of the season, which we’ll keep in mind as we determine the greatest ways to medicate with cannabis until Scorpio pushes onto the scene next month. Cannabis Strains for Libra Season Your inner Libra exudes its prowess most when given the opportunity to balance. Like solving a puzzle, the thrill is in finding how two seemingly unmatched ends meet. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that a hybrid strain is the best match for the season; something relaxing and stimulating, social and introspective, creative and motivating. An any place, any occasion strain with effects that fortify and fuel your position in the middle. The Libra inside us all wants to be known for its charm and familiar effervescence, both of which can dull in the face of heavy indicas. Limited by the boundaries of five traditional senses, Libra can’t waste the opportunity to understand the world around them at its clearest. On the other hand, while sativas typically offer a sociable or productive energy, it can be easy for your inner Libra to fly too high, ultimately distracted by too many considerations. A season for mastering the balancing act, celebrate with a hybrid strain as beautiful as it is uplifting. Rituals for a Libra Season Medicating isn’t solely reliant upon what you’re smoking; what you’re doing is equally important to healing, and each season brings unique challenges to work through. With the plates of our scale evenly weighted, our wings strong within the atmosphere, we’re seeking something new to explore this Libra season. Don’t shy away from this curiosity, but rather, use it to inspire what’s to come in Scorpio. The next season will demand a lot in the way of game-planning and decision-making, so use this time to discover who you are, what you want, and who you should receive your time and energy. Here are some ideas for maintaining a successful Libra season: Get inspired and reflect on different perspectives at an underground art event Try a CBD joint! When even a hybrid is unnecessary to balance your energies, you can still explore a new plane with CBD. With heavy physical effects, your body can rest while your mind continues its seasonal journey. Practice your balancing act at a yoga class, ropes course, or on a slackline! Make a goal of checking in on a friend every day of the season. Your inner Libra thrives on social connections, and it’s a great time of year to catch people while they’re winding down for the year. Avoid rash decisions, you might feel different later (like, tomorrow)! A season for seeing all of what’s new, save yourself the back-and-forth, and make those decisions in Scorpio. More than anything, the best thing to do during Libra is BE. Check in with the people who make you feel more like yourself, feel all sides of your emotions, and welcome the lessons that have come onto the scene this Libra season. Most of all, let go of control, and see what grows. Take care, cosmonauts; I’ll see you for Scorpio season.

  • OMMA Patient Laws You Need To Know

    In June of 2018, the state of Oklahoma legalized the use of medical marijuana for licensed patients. Recent statistics indicate there are more than 384,000 registered patients across the state. That’s amazing! We’re so happy to see the growth of the industry as patients “Strike the Balance” statewide. While recreational use is still not legal in this state, patients get to enjoy the bountiful medicinal properties of nature’s miracle plant. This article is your guide to the Oklahoma laws and regulations surrounding a patient’s use of the cannabis plant. There are possession limits, travel restrictions, and other rules that, as patients, it’s our responsibility to know. If you’re not familiar with these regulations, though, no worries. Keep reading to explore the OMMA patient laws you need to know about. Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) In order to get a medical marijuana license, patients need a recommendation from a qualified physician. In our other blog posts, we talk about the science of the cannabis plant and how its cannabinoids affect our body’s natural processes. We know the plant brings us balance, harmony, and peace from a purely natural source. In particular, cannabis can be used to treat anxiety, stress, pain, or other ailments (and has historically been used to treat those ailments for millennia!). We encourage you to stay in communication with your physician throughout every stage of your cannabis consumption journey. He or she will have great insight about your personal medical history and how cannabis might interact with your body. To start, though, you’ll talk with your physician about how you think you might thrive with the medicinal properties that cannabis is known to provide. Once you get his or her official recommendation, you can move onto applying for your OMMA license. An Oklahoma resident over the age of 18 can pay a $100 fee to the state when applying for their medical card, which will be valid for two full years. While this is the most commonly issued category of medical marijuana license, did you know that other people could get their OMMA card, too? For example, in certain cases, an Oklahoma-based minor aged 17 or younger can use cannabis consumption as treatment if their parents or guardians and physician have approved it. These licenses are also valid for two full years or until 30 days past the minor’s 18th birthday. In addition, 30-day out-of-state licenses are available through OMMA if the patient has already received their medical marijuana card from their home state. (So, Missouri and Arkansas medical marijuana patients could qualify. Texas is out of luck.) For more details about qualifying and applying for your OMMA card, check out their online licensing portal. Purchasing Limits from a Dispensary Once you have your OMMA card, it’s time to hit the only legal place in Oklahoma where you can purchase cannabis for consumption: a dispensary. Dispensaries work hard to curate their available products according to medicinal properties and affordability. Be willing to talk with your budtender about what strains or consumption types might be ideal for you. For example, you might do better with edibles as opposed to smoking the cannabis flower itself. It might take some trial and error, but you’ll find your optimal medicinal treatment in time. Every time you visit your favorite dispensary, there are purchasing limits to keep in mind. This regulation is helpful in many ways: dispensaries can maintain a more stable inventory if a single patient doesn’t buy them out, patients won’t be as likely to consume “too much” cannabis for their medicinal needs, and OMMA can keep simpler records of the industry’s product movements. Dispensary purchasing limits are determined by OMMA’s “Possession Limits.” In other words, these are all of the cannabis products you can have on your person at a single time: 3 oz. cannabis flower 1 oz. cannabis concentrate 72 oz. cannabis edibles 72 oz. cannabis topicals 6 seedling cannabis plants 6 mature cannabis plants Whether you’re walking out of a dispensary or you’re driving in your car, these amounts are the maximum you're allowed to possess at any given time. When you’re at home, though, there’s a slight change. Possession limits are the same in your home except for the amount of cannabis flower allowed. While you can only purchase 3 oz. of flower from a dispensary at a time, you can hold up to 8 oz. of cannabis flower at home. It's also worth noting that as of this time, Oklahoma doesn’t allow for the delivery of medicinal cannabis products directly to your home. Who knows what new laws might change that in the future, though? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Patient Rights in Oklahoma As a licensed medical marijuana patient, you are covered by Oklahoma law when it comes to consuming cannabis. While it’s still important to know what patient laws you have to follow, you also do have certain rights as a medical marijuana patient. One thing to note is that, in the state of Oklahoma, the public cannabis consumption laws are the same as for tobacco. In other words, any publicly protected area for smoking is open to you as a patient. For example, if there is a designated smoking area at a public park, you are allowed to consume cannabis there. The only thing to remember is that private businesses have their own rights when it comes to public consumption. If you are at a restaurant or other venue, the employees might ask you to not light up your pre-roll, and that’s something we all must respect. It's understandable if you’re concerned that simply having a medical marijuana card could present problems in your daily life. OMMA has some protective laws for cannabis patients, though. If you have your OMMA license, it legally can’t be used against you to deny a concealed carry permit, child custody arrangements, housing, medical care, or even employment. Of course, the place you work for does have a legal right to drug test their employees. They simply can’t use the existence of your medical card to deny you employment in the first place. Other Regulations to Remember While it can be freeing to have access to nature’s miracle medicine, we must all do our part to keep the cannabis industry compliant. Another rule to remember is that you cannot travel with any cannabis products across state lines. On top of that, you cannot share your medicine with anyone else—friends, family, coworkers, etc—even if they have their own medical card. Also, if you plan to grow your legal six seedling cannabis plants and six mature cannabis plants in your home, take care. If your plan to grow cannabis is in a home that you rent, you’re required to get written consent from your landlord. Even if you’re only growing the plants in pots indoors and not outside on the lawn, it’s important that you talk with your landlord ahead of time. Having any cannabis plants or products at home, by the way, means it’s your responsibility to keep all of it out of the reach of children or pets. Extraction equipment of any kind is also not allowed in private homes. If you want to make your own cannabis concentrates, you’ll have to get a full-blown processing license and business going. While this is a pretty thorough guide to OMMA patient regulations, it’s every individual patient’s responsibility to keep up-to-date with the state’s cannabis laws. We’re doing our best to keep ourselves and other patients informed during their cannabis journey. For that reason, we encourage you to follow our Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch.

  • Get the Lion’s Share this Leo Season

    Navigate this new season like a pro, with the help of nature's best medicine What is Leo Season? The days between July 23 and August 23 mark the celebration of Leo. This sign sparks a middle season, representing the sustaining of summer, a reliable and persistent vitality that energizes us through some of the hardest seasonal days of the year. Leo represents unapologetic self-expression, meaning we get to detach from the emotional tides of Cancer, find amusement in our own charisma, and selfishly walk the paths only we find intriguing. Yes, inner Leo, this is your moment, your stage, your audience. We are now controlled by the whims of this fixed fire sign, and that typically means we’re all in for a good party! You, and only you, are the star of the show: no writer, director, or supporting role. Luckily, nature has the best medicine to enhance this experience. What better way to celebrate a season of ferocity than with a cannabis strain that allows you to walk over the burning coals of adventure, growth, and theatrics? The Trademarks of a Leo Sun Our fellow Leo Cannivores are ruled by the sun, notoriously the most regal and authoritative of the planets. They are known for their steadfast confidence—often misdiagnosed as a selfish conceitedness—which is exacerbated by an excitement for their internal motivations. Ignoring the criticisms of others, our Lions and Lionesses thrive in the face of unexpected opportunity, personal expansion, and high self-esteem. Improvement, willfulness, fiery passion: these are the themes of the season, which we’ll keep in mind as we determine the greatest ways to medicate with cannabis until Virgo steps onto the scene next month. Cannabis Strains for Leo Season Because Leo thrives in a propellant energy, sativa strains are the only match for this season of expansion. Already in the mood to tear something down, ignite something new, or just FEEL yourself, sativa strains will help you focus and stay energized for a month full to the brim of wonder. Yes, this is still a time for balance, and for that reason, we can’t dull its prowess with relaxation and comfort. This type of push-and-pull, a resistance against celestial energy, can result in a sort of tug-of-war mentality that only works to confuse the power you should be feeling and learning from. Though some seasons need bolstering (hey, Cancer), Leo is not one to stand by for help. You’re in its season or you’re not, and trust us, you WANT to indulge. Virgo is about to impart strict rules, and this is the end of summer, so eat it up while the energy is still here. You might not see this type of excitement for a while. Leo takes rulership over the heart and spine, enlightening your core and supercharging your mental state. This is a good time to honor your roots with terpenes and cannabis strains that give an uplift or boost to your overall state of being. The popular terpenes Pinene and Carene are especially supportive here. Pinene is well-known for offering a sense of alertness (truly, THE “oomph” terp), while Carene is lauded as an anti-inflammatory nervous system depressant. Because our goal is to observe personal ritual and explore paths yet to be understood, we need to seek out what fuels us and bask in the inferno of our deepest desires. Reduce the anxiety, recognize your inner self, and set your doubts ablaze. Rituals for a Leo Season Medicating isn’t solely reliant upon what you’re smoking; what you’re doing is equally important to healing, and each season brings unique challenges to work through. With our thick manes fully down and fluttering in the wind, we’re seeking comfort in ourselves this Leo season. Don’t shy away from this confidence, but rather, use it to reinforce the ideals and motives that drive your existence, your individual experience here in this plane. The next season will demand a lot in the way of responsibility and fortification for Autumn, so use this time to remember who you are, what you stand for, and what you want moving forward. Here are some ideas for maintaining a successful Leo season: Bask in sun rays and soak up what hot, hot, heat is left of the season (even in Oklahoma, you’ll be out prowling for the rejuvenating heat, Leo, once the 100° temps fall to frost in the upcoming months) Try a concentrate! Diamonds are a Leo’s best friend when heavy-hitting, fast-acting medicine is the only medicine Looking for a reprieve, inspiration, a spark? Let it all out in a smash room. Whether your fury is that of anger or of pure, unadulterated energy, a safe space to be reckless is always a welcome channel for your scorching flames Seek out pinene to fuel your random adventures; its oxygenated embers only live to bolster that outward energy you’re on track to learn from this season Wear your hair down; a lion is nothing without a glorious mane, and your prowess is as strong as the sun-bleached locks you show off to your opponents Write, produce, direct, and star in your new independent film (remember, you’re the main—the only—star in this season) More than anything, the best thing to do during Leo is LIVE. Check in with yourself, feel all of yourself, and don’t fight the self-conscious doubts that should be motivating and teaching you this season. Most of all, ride this momentum as long as possible, and remember YOU are the magic that provides a life full of curiosity and reckless abandon. Stay up to date on the season's happening over on our Instagram, and stay tuned here on our blog for more ways to celebrate this Fire season! Take care, cosmonauts; I’ll see you for Virgo season.

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  • The Stars | Equinoxx | Tulsa, Oklahoma

    A Season for Exploration GEMINI SEASON | MAY 21 - JUNE 21 The days between May 21 and June 20 mark the celebration of Gemini season. Gemini closes out a gentle Spring season, revving us up for some of the most social and active months of the year. Prepare for an all-around vibe shift as we shake loose the leisurely prerogative of The Bull and run with the restless nature of The Twins. Just as Gemini is represented represented by The Twins, this season should have you recognizing yourself in the minds and faces of others. The wings of your inner social butterfly will fly you to friends old and new, and connecting with them will be like looking in a mirror. Rather than seeing yourself and others as some certain way or some certain thing, Gemini encourages you to see all the different parts of yourself and others and appreciate the similarities in everyone’s multidimensional personalities. Ruled by Mercury, the motive of Gemini is communication. This is a time for learning and exchanging through new and unexplored avenues; let your curiosity drive the ship, and let strangers tell you their story. Mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces) know change is on the horizon, and they work to prepare us for the transformation. Gemini’s go-with-the-flow attitude encourages us to slow down and reevaluate whether we’re on the best path for who we’ll be in the new season. This can be an unpredictable and restless time, but the more you lean in, the more you’ll receive. Plant Seeds for Spring THE SPRING EQUINOX | MARCH 20 On March 20, day and night are of equal length, and we celebrate the tidings of Spring. This day is known as the Spring Equinox, or Ostara, and it brings us earlier sunrises, later sunsets, and sprouting seeds—literally and metaphorically. The Spring Equinox reminds us that the light will always return to Earth, and to ourselves. A representation of fresh life, new beginnings, untraveled paths, and sown seeds, this is a time for clarity and exploration. After months of reflection and stillness, the Earth is coming alive again, and we can now focus on renewal and awakening. This passionate vibration inspires us to take chances, follow our hearts, and position ourselves in the lead. Use this day and the following months to learn something new, set intentions for the year, and plant seeds for your harvest in the fall.

  • Products

    Wax/Dabs FECO Pre Rolls EQUINOXX PRODUCTS EXPLORE WHAT'S IN SEASON WAX & DABS Our Cannabis plants are frozen immediately upon harvest, then are processed in a way that preserves a substantial amount of the plants’ cannabinoid and terpene content. Preserving the integrity of these compounds, live resin delivers both physical and psychoactive effects with aromatics to excite your senses. Live Resin Blueberry Fritter Ambrosia Vanilla Frosting x Apple Blossom x Blueberry Muffin Waxing Gibbous (Indica Leaning Hybrid) 70.23% THC Caryophyllene Linalool Limonene Live Resin Slurricane Ambrosia Dosido x Purple Punch Waxing Gibbous (Indica Leaning Hybrid) 78.50% THC Caryophyllene Myrcene Limonene Live Rosin Oreoz Live Hash Rosin Cookies and Cream X Secret Weapon Waxing Gibbous (Indica Leaning Hybrid) 66.98% THC Caryophyllene Limonene Myrcene Live Resin Slurricane Ambrosia Batter Dosido x Purple Punch Full Moon (Heavy Indica Hybrid) 72.85% THC Caryophyllene Limonene Bisabolol Live Resin Oreoz Breath Ambrosia Glitter Litter x Oreoz x Motor City Waxing Gibbous (Indica Leaning Hybrid) 69.61% THC Caryophyllene Linalool Limonene Live Resin Halitosis Ambrosia Mendo Breath X Hippy Slayer Half Moon (50/50 Hybrid) 58.92% THC Caryophyllene Limonene Myrcene Live Resin Halitosis Ambrosia Batter Mendo Breath X Hippy Slayer Full Moon (Heavy Indica Hybrid) 65.59% THC Caryophyllene Limonene Myrcene Live Rosin Frosted Apricot Live Hash Rosin Irene Apricot x Slurricane #7 Half Moon (50/50 Hybrid) 62.21% THC Limonene Caryophyllene Myrcene Live Resin Rainbow Belts Ambrosia Who's Your Lady x All Gas x Leprechaun Trap Waxing Gibbous (Indica Leaning Hybrid) 68.02% THC Caryophyllene Linalool Myrcene Live Resin Acai Bowl Ambrosia Stupid Fruit x RP Acai x Frosted Apricot Waxing Crescent (Sativa-Leaning Hybrid) 67.47% THC Caryophyllene Linalool Limonene Live Resin Halitosis Ambrosia Mendo Breath X Hippy Slayer Full Moon (Heavy Indica Hybrid) 65.59% THC Caryophyllene Limonene Myrcene Live Resin Mai Tai x Guava Gelato Ambrosia Mai Tai x Guava Gelato Waxing Gibbous (Indica Leaning Hybrid) 70.42% THC Limonene Caryophyllene Myrcene FULLY EXTRACTED CANNABIS OIL A collaboration with Josh Graston, chemist of Bee Elevated, FECO is a highly-concentrated form of cannabis in which the whole plant is extracted. This process offers a broad spectrum representation of cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis 510 Thread Cart FECO CARTRIDGE Discreet, strong… you know what a cart is all about. Filled with one gram of healing FECO View More Time Release Capsules TIME CAPSULES 70mg of THC, plus good terps and cannabinoids, spread across four waves for all-day relief View More One Gram Syringe FECO SYRINGE A one gram dose of pure fully extracted cannabis oil, the purest form of this powerful extract View More Disposable Vape Pen QUASAR STIXX Rechargeable, disposable vape pen with Vortec mouthpiece and AVD No-Burn Technology View More PRE-ROLLS Let us do the hard work for you. With less than a year on the market, we took home 1st Place in Harvest Fest 2022's Non-Infused Pre-Roll category. Full-flower with a satisfying draw, our diverse lineup is now available in singles and convenient packs! Pre-Roll Coffee Bay Chem Waxing Crescent (Sativa-Leaning Hybrid) Coffee Kush X Chem OG 20.73% THC Nerolidol Humulene Caryophyllene Pre-Roll Fruit Loaf Waxing Gibbous (Indica Leaning Hybrid) Blueberry Muffin + Hemlock + Pound Cake 19.69% THC Myrcene Caryophyllene Limonene LEARN MORE ABOUT FECO FULLY EXTRACTED CANNABIS OIL FIND IT IN OUR: DISPOSABLE VAPE SYRINGE CARTRIDGE LEARN MORE ABOUT FECO > FECO is a highly-concentrated form of cannabis in which the whole plant is extracted. This process offers a broad spectrum representation of cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis What is FECO? Simply put, FECO is a powerful oil extracted from the cannabis plant Rick Simpson Oil, Reinvented For the better part of a decade, RSO has provided patients with debilitating illnesses powerful relief. FECO progresses these effects even further by employing an extraction technique that is more effective at preserving medicinal compounds and more complete in purging solvents Plus, It's Versatile FECO can be consumed in a variety of ways, so you can use this powerful medicine no matter your consumption limitations or preferences. When you light up an Equinoxx cannabis product, you’re refocusing your body’s biological healing capabilities. We don’t just “spend time” in nature. We are nature. Equinoxx strives to honor that principle in everything we do.

  • Current Harvest | Equinoxx | Wholesale Flower and Concentrates

    CURRENTLY AVAILABLE CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY Our star-crossed strains and cosmic conentrates are ready for wholesale! See our current inventory here for information on what's available from Equinoxx. No cannabis sales online. Contact our sales team for wholesale inquiries. FLOWER Title Product Type Genetics Strain Type Halitosis Flower Mendo Breath X Hippy Slayer Indica Hybrid Jigglers Flower Mai Tai #4 X Gelato Indica Hybrid Page 1 of 1 PRE-ROLLS Title Product Type Genetics Strain Type Space Runtz (Bulk Pre-Rolls) Pre-Roll Single Runtz x Candy Rain 50/50 Hybrid Fruit Loaf Pre-Roll 5-Pack Bubba Kush X Animal Mints Indica Hybrid Divine Trine (Bulk Pre-Rolls) Pre-Roll Single MSG + Platinum Grape Runtz + Strawberry Secret Indica Hybrid Solar Haze (Bulk Pre-Rolls) Pre-Roll Single Rain Mintz + Super Lemon Haze 50/50 Hybrid Fortune Cookies (Bulk Pre-Rolls) Pre-Roll Single Girl Scout Cookies X OG Kush Sativa Hybrid Space Cadet (Bulk Pre-Rolls) Pre-Roll Single Peaches n Cream + Slurricane Indica Hybrid Coffee Bay Chem Pre-Roll Single Coffee Kush X Chem OG Sativa Hybrid Fruit Loaf Pre-Roll Single Bubba Kush X Animal Mints Indica Hybrid Page 1 of 1 CONCENTRATES Title Product Type Genetics Strain Type Blueberry Fritter Ambrosia Vanilla Frosting x Apple Blossom x Blueberry Muffin Indica Hybrid Oreoz Breath Ambrosia Glitter Litter x Oreoz x Motor City Indica Hybrid Rainbow Belts Ambrosia Who's Your Lady x All Gas x Leprechaun Trap Indica Hybrid Slurricane Ambrosia Dosido x Purple Punch Indica Hybrid Acai Bowl Ambrosia Stupid Fruit x RP Acai x Frosted Apricot Sativa Hybrid Time Capsules 3-pack Time Release Capsules (FECO) Multi-Strain Blend N/A Frosted Apricot Live Hash Rosin Irene Apricot x Slurricane #7 Hybrid Oreoz Live Hash Rosin Cookies and Cream X Secret Weapon Indica Hybrid Hailitosis Ambrosia Batter Mendo Breath X Hippy Slayer Indica Hybrid Hailitosis Ambrosia Mendo Breath X Hippy Slayer Indica Hybrid Page 1 of 2

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