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A Season for Expression

The days between January 20 and February 18 mark the celebration of Aquarius. This season sustains us through the winter months and enchants us with some of the funkiest days on the calendar. Ruled by Uranus, the only planet that spins on its side, Aquarius is here to cause a shake-up in the social sphere.

The motives of Aquarius season are individuality and humanitarianism, an expressive balance of you and others. This is an exciting and creative time, inspiring you to revolutionize your day-to-day, engage with your community, and speak with your unique voice. March to the beat of your own drum, inner Aquarian, and create space for the things that matter to you.

Fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio) motivate and sustain us through the seasons, so enjoy the momentum of this time and use it to ponder what the future has in store. As we approach the end of the Zodiac year, we’ll be tying loose ends and anticipating new beginnings. The next season will demand a lot in the way of closure, so embrace this connectivity while it’s hot.

Count Your Blessings

On December 21st, we celebrate the return of the year’s final season. Between the two equinoxes, we find ourselves hunkering down for longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice. On this day, the sun will take its shortest path across the sky, and so will we.

This climactic absence of light reminds us that our cycles always come to a close: how are you writing your grande finale? How will this year compare to the others? What are you harvesting this season, and is it the result of the seeds you sowed six or twelve months ago?

The Winter Solstice an important time of year for us all, as we tie loose ends, count the year’s blessings, and telegraph our approach to another cycle around the sun. Each day following the Winter Solstice brings more sunlight, trading the growing night for longer days. A sense of preparation will surge through the air as positive energy from the sun reenters our lives and our homes. Use this time to reflect on the last six months, set your sights on Springtime intentions, and keep yourself open to the vibrant and free-flowing energy that comes alive in the thaw.
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Renew Your Energy

On June 21st (for the Northern Hemisphere), the summer will be at its utmost height... and so will the sun. Between the two equinoxes, we find ourselves able to enjoy the longest day, called the Solstice. On this day, the sun will take its longest path across the sky, and so will we.
The solstice has been celebrated for millennia. It’s a time for communities to gather and enjoy the bountiful blessings the natural world provides us. This is a day for organizing your next cookout, for going to brunch and catching up on gossip, or for enjoying a picnic in your local park. A sense of connectivity will surge through the air as the sun is at its most powerful phase. 
This burst in energy is also a chance to pour into any projects you started during the Spring Equinox. Both our human energy and nature itself will be fully alive right now, so take advantage of this day to focus on your goals and mission. Also, while the sun is at its highest point, shouldn’t we be, too? 
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