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A Season for Exploration

The days between May 21 and June 20 mark the celebration of Gemini season. Gemini closes out a gentle Spring season, revving us up for some of the most social and active months of the year. Prepare for an all-around vibe shift as we shake loose the leisurely prerogative of The Bull and run with the restless nature of The Twins.

Just as Gemini is represented represented by The Twins, this season should have you recognizing yourself in the minds and faces of others. The wings of your inner social butterfly will fly you to friends old and new, and connecting with them will be like looking in a mirror. Rather than seeing yourself and others as some certain way or some certain thing, Gemini encourages you to see all the different parts of yourself and others and appreciate the similarities in everyone’s multidimensional personalities.

Ruled by Mercury, the motive of Gemini is communication. This is a time for learning and exchanging through new and unexplored avenues; let your curiosity drive the ship, and let strangers tell you their story.

Mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces) know change is on the horizon, and they work to prepare us for the transformation. Gemini’s go-with-the-flow attitude encourages us to slow down and reevaluate whether we’re on the best path for who we’ll be in the new season. This can be an unpredictable and restless time, but the more you lean in, the more you’ll receive.

Plant Seeds for Spring

On March 20, day and night are of equal length, and we celebrate the tidings of Spring. This day is known as the Spring Equinox, or Ostara, and it brings us earlier sunrises, later sunsets, and sprouting seeds—literally and metaphorically.

The Spring Equinox reminds us that the light will always return to Earth, and to ourselves. A representation of fresh life, new beginnings, untraveled paths, and sown seeds, this is a time for clarity and exploration. After months of reflection and stillness, the Earth is coming alive again, and we can now focus on renewal and awakening.

This passionate vibration inspires us to take chances, follow our hearts, and position ourselves in the lead. Use this day and the following months to learn something new, set intentions for the year, and plant seeds for your harvest in the fall.
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